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I have herd a lot about This works Deep sleep range. It seems to help everyone get a good nights sleep. Generally I don't have a problem falling asleep. My problem is that I tend to go to sleep on thinking mode and end up waking up very alert. Sounds good but it is rather exhausting so I thought I would give this works Dream Team a go.

The This Works Dream team is a nice gift set that is release every Christmas and contains two mini versions of their best best sellers from the range, This Works Pillow Spray and This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less.

This Works Pillow Spray
The first time I used this spray, I was taken a back and sprayed it a bit to close to my pillow. It can be sprayed from a small distance if you are worried about stained the pillow case. I also think you could spray this on your duvet or on the mattress if you would prefer. It has a nice earthy, lavender scent without being too herbal and overpowering. For the most part I find Lavender to be quite overpowering but I honestly found this to be more soothing and calming than I originally thought I would.

Deep Sleep Stress Less 
This is a roller ball which I use on my wrists and next before bed. It has the same calming, soothing scent as the Pillow Spray which is nice to fall asleep too. This is suppose to be multi purpose. I know people who take this in their handbag and apply in situations to help prevent them from getting worked up and feeling anxious. I find it really soothing to apply before bed.

Do any of these work to help give you a goodnights sleep? For me personally, so far so good. I have no idea if it is a pseudo effect or not but both of these have been a pleasant addition to my bedtime routine.

If you know someone who likes a relaxing beauty product for just £10 this is one to get your hands on.

Lots of love
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