Review | Roger and Gallet Gingemre Sorbet Body Lotion

Now I am not usually a body lotion person. I prefer body butters. I feel like they nourish my skin after a shower that little bit more but I recently started using the Roger and Gallet Gingembre Sorbet Body Lotion* and I throughly enjoyed it.

The Roger and Gallet Gigembre Sorbet Body Lotion comes in a lovely packaged purple bottle with a pump. I have to admit, I enjoy the idea of the pump. It made things a lot easier and less messy!

I was very impressed with the formula of these body lotions. It is lightweight, non greasy (a pet hate of mine when it comes to body lotions) and absorbs quickly on my skin which is great in winter when it is cold and you want to get warm as soon as possible.

The scent is incredible. The Japanese ginger in it provides the fresh qualities you want from a lotion mixed in with Bergamot allows the lotion to have soothing qualities. It is fresh whilst being comforting which I like especially in the mornings when you want comfort without falling asleep.

The Body Lotion traps in all the moisture in your skin leaving it soft. It stops dry skin from getting rough and tight leaving you with a nice soothing sensation after a shower.

Roger and Gallet is sold on Feel Unique with a free gift at the moment. They have a range of scents from rose to floral and citrus.  I have the body lotion in the scent Citron too but I prefer the Gingembre scent.

Lots of love
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