Top Tip Friday | Wearing a bold lip

Now it is no secret I love a bold lip but there was a time I found it a bit daunting and would worry about what others would think. As it is that time of year many of us want to try a bold lip I thought I would share some of my tip with you to help you feel more confident when wearing a bold lip.

Choose a comfortable shade
This may seem obvious but choose a shade that you are comfortable with. What I mean by this is don't choose a shade just because someone else has it. For example if MAC's Diva is not your thing that is fine. The key thing is that it should be a shade your happy with and can feel confident wearing.

Keep It Matte
Now I know this is my favourite lipstick finish but when it comes to bold lips the pigmentation should be rich and long lasting. Que the Matte theme which will give you that. Glossy formulas can smudge and smush everywhere and need more touch ups during the day. A matte lipstick will mean you don't have to worry too much about that happening. If you find it drying on your lips. Wear a nourishing lip balms (more of that below)

Nourish your lips 
Keep a lip balm that you can wear underneath the lipstick or on top. My favourite way to do this is to apply the Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner when I start applying my make up so it has times to work its magic before I get to apply my lipstick (which is the last thing I do in my make up routine)

Use Concealer
This isn't something I do all the time but if you make a mistake or want to be extra precise with your application dip your lip brush in a tiny bit of concealer and dab it across the edges of your lips smoothing out any lines.

Lip Liner is your best friend
I always use a lip liner with my bold lips. I apply it all over the lips not just on the outsides. It helps shape your lips and create a nice long lasting colour. I go for one similar to the shade of lipstick I am wearing but you can always use a shade close to your natural lip colour if you prefer too.

And those are my top tips for wearing a bold lips. How do you wear a bold lip? let me know! 

Lots of love
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