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Currently Reading - The big issue of Allure Magazine 
Currently Watching - Doctor Who (me and my dad have created a ritual where we watch it while we eat dinner after a long day at work)
Currently Listening too - Blank Space and This love both by Taylor Swift

Vlogs and blogs of the week - 
My Sick Day make up and hoojab routine GRWM - Pearl Daisy (Brilliant and creative)
Disappointing Products - Lily Pebbles (One of my favourite videos and Lily is fabulous)
New In Beauty - Miss Budget Beauty (Mikhila is so fun to watch and an inspiring lady. 

This week was a bit of a whirlwind, in that it was fast. I am not exactly sure why but it went really fast. Work came and went. I have been doing some planning and trying to make some personal changes. I don't want to say too much as I am not sure if it will happen but when and if things develop I will definitely be letting you know. 

I have been so excited for Winter, it is officially winter in the UK and I love it. The clothes, the fact everyone is happy and the warm comfort food it brings. The Christmas Lights were switched on in my hometown which means late night walks. I love shopping in the dark I am weird I know just the way I am.

My highlight of the week was seeing my sister modelling in a charity fundraiser show. She was so amazing and did such an incredible job. My best friend did the make up for the shoot too and ah seeing the people you love, doing something they love and do is a wonderful cliche feeling. I also got to hear Ameena from Pearl Daisy speak. As a muslim woman she is someone who I look up too, she's so modest, has a great career, worked hard to get where she is today and I am glad she is around for others to look too as well. Her speech was all about giving your time. Weather it is to make someone's day or volunteering. Giving doesn't have to be materialistic which was a great message. 

How was your week? Do anything special?

Lots of love
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