Review | The Body Shop Shea Body Scrub

 I seem to be having a moment with The Body Shop at the moment. Everytime I walk in to a store I cannot help having a look and making a sneaky purchase. The latest thing I have tried from them is their Shea Butter Body Scrub.

The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Scrub is a sugary grainy scrub. They body shop do a wide range of scrubs but this is my personal favourite because you feel the exfoliation a bit more and I feel like it is doing it's job more.

It is great to use at this time of year because the Shea Butter scent is warm and comforting which we all need in the colder months. To me that makes a huge difference and makes me feel like I am having a bit of me time in the shower. Another reason I would say this is a winter scrub is that it leaves a nice moisturised residue from the oils when you come out of the shower. This means that if you're in a rush, you can skip the body lotion. Personally I still like to layer with a body butter as I have extremely dry skin but it is perfect if you having a lazy day.

The Shea butter scrub is one of the stores best sellers and definitely my favourite. It retails for £13:00 but The Body Shop have discounts all the time as well as nice sets with the matching body butter and tools.

Have you tried any of The Body Shop scrubs? which one is your favourite?

Lots of love
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