Review | NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette

If there was one beauty launch I was completely upset I missed out on last year, it would have had to be the NARS Holiday offerings. They always do the best holiday sets so this year I was prepared. i saved up and kept an eye out and they did not disappoint.

I picked up the NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette which includes three blushes, one highlighter and a bronzer. Here is the low down on what is in the palette

Miss Liberty Higlighter
This isn't exclusive to the Palette, you can buy it separately. It is a nice champagne shade and immensely pigmented. If you're in full on highlighters this is the one for you. It is on the shimmery side so perfect for the evening as you do notice the glitter and shimmer but it is very long wearing and gives a nice finish to your cheeks.

Deep Throat Blush
If you know NARS, you will have herd of Deep Throat. It is a nice peachy coral shade which works really nice on asian skin tones if you like subtle colours on the cheeks. It has a bit of shimmer to it which gives your cheeks a nice subtle glow which I like. As with all NARS blushes, it is very pigmented. You can start off sheer and then build it up to the amount you feel comfortable. Deep throat is the only blush from the palette that isn't limited edition and can be bought on it's own.

Sex Fantasy Blush
Excuse the name but it is genuinely what they called it. This is the first limited edition blush in the palette. It has a nice lavender, base, which I will admit if you're darker skinned it may not show up as well on you. I did find on my skin tone I applied a bit more of it than I would normally but that didn't bother me as it is really finely milled it doesn't look cakey or like you have doused yourself in powder.

Final Cut Blush
The last limited edition blush in the palette is Final Cut and probably my favourite discovery from the palette. It has more coral undertones to it compared to Deep Throat but just as pigmented and gives your cheeks a nice hint of colour revitalising it and gives your face a more fresh healthy look.

NARS Laguna Bronzer
Can you believe I have not owned this cult bronzer until now? Out of the whole palette, I was really looking forward to using this as I herd so much about it and I was not disappointed. It is more brown or bronzed based compared to Orange which gives you more of a natural finish rather than making you slightly on a muddy side. It gives you a nice subtle all around bronze if you have olive skin and is a good bronzer to contour with for all skin tones.

The packaging it comes in is new from NARS and I really like it. It really reminds me of winter. It comes with a big mirror and the packaging is long wearing and sturdy so it is perfect to travel with and one that I am going everyday since I have bought it.

At £45, this may seem like a splurge but it has a value of £117 and for the quality in this palette NARS has done us proud once again. 

Lots of love
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