Review | Loreal Pure Red Lipsticks

You all know I love a good red lipstick. That isn't a secret on these parts of the internet so when Loreal released their Pure Red lipstick range I knew I had to get my hands on some.

Much like the nude range, the Pure Red range matches a differant shade of red to a skin tone of one of their ambassadors. After looking at the options that were available I decided to go with two shades Blake Pure Red and the Eva Pure Red.

Blake Pure Red
The first shade that caught my eye was the Blake Lively Pure Red. It is a true blue tone red which reminds me of Ruby Woo or Russian Red by MAC.

The formula is matte but not the traditional drying matte. It is still moisturising on the lips. The formula is new for loreal and something I adore about this range. It stays on for a good few hours and when it does fade there is no smudging and slippiness all over the face. It just slowly fades on the lips.

I do wear a lip liner underneath this to make sure I have a nice clean edge. I would always advise you to wear a lip liner under a bold lipstick to help keep the colour and give you a nice over all lip look.

Eva Pure Red
Similarly to the Blake Lively red, this was based on the skin tone of the beautiful Eva Longoria. It a nice brick orange red. I decided to pick this up as it is out of my comfort zone and I wanted to challenge myself slightly.

I love the formula of this, again it is a nice moisturising matte and although it does fade once you have something to eat it does have good lasting power. I find it lasts a good few hours on me.

At first, I wasn't sure this suited me. I genuinely go with more deeper reds but was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed this colour. Let me know if you think this suits me or not.

The packaging is spot on. I love the black and gold tubes, they help make the shades stand out and look that little more glamorous. On a side note, if you are use to red lipsticks or find a shade you want to try that is a differant skin tone to yourself give it a swatch and if you still like it try it out. Use the skin tones as a guide rather than a rule set in stone. I mean as much as I would like to be as beautiful as Lively or Longoria, I am not, nor do I have their skintone but I chose to try out these shades.

The entire Pure Red range is fabulous if you are looking for a red lipstick on the high street and are currently three for two (they get me everytime) 

Lots of love
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