Make Up Monday | Trying on False Lashes

Now Just a disclaimer, I don't wear False lashes on the regular. In fact I can count the amounts of time I have worn them on one hand. I know a lot of you will be looking to wear them over the up coming months so I thought I share my tips for first time lash wearers.

Get the right equipment 
You don't just have to think about the lashes, you need to make sure you have a decent lash glue so you can rest assured that the lashes will stay on all day.

Have a steady hand
I am the worse for this as my hands are no way near as steady as they should be to do this properly. If you don't have a steady hand ask someone who does to help you. It allows you to put your lashes exactly where you want them to go.

Know your style
Lashes come in all shapes and sizes, from the natural everyday ones to pairs that are out there. Which you choose is completely up to you. Personally, I love really full lashes but I like them to be natural which is why I choose pairs that are more on the natural side. The ones I have gone for in this picture are from Novou Lashes and are the

Have fun
Wearing lashes are suppose to be fun. When I wear them it would be for a special occasion where you would be around lots of people you know and love so I associate wearing lashes with fun, momentous occasions.

I tried out the Let's go lashes in Tease 1* to put all of these tips to the test. The lashes came with their own glue which helped the lashes on all day. I had to adjust them slightly to fit my eyes but that wasn't too bad. Unfortunately my clumsiness means that it took me a while but if you have steady hands they are easy to apply.

So after trying out false lashes what have I learnt? For a special occasion like an office party or my birthday they are great. Not going to lie, I had a bit of a pain putting them on but after doing this research and learning these tips over time putting lashes on will be easy as saying ABC or at least Banana.

Try a pair of Let's go lashes yourself this season. They have a huge range from natural to really out there bold lashes and are only £6:50 a pair.

Lots of love
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