Make Up Monday | The Nineties lip revival

The first lipstick I remember trying was Del Rio by MAC. It was a dark brown and I was like 6. I remember getting told off and being told off because it was a grown up shade. Looking back, it probably was, that didn't stop me though.

Slowly over the years I delved in to more pinkier hues and the Brown lipstick that came with the 90's was sadly put aside.

For nostalgic reasons I decided to delve in to the world of Brown Lipsticks and find a combination I really enjoyed and I think I have found it.

I recently got the Charlotte Tilbury Birkin Brown lipstick from her Matte Revolution line. It's a beautiful chocolate brown shade which I reviewed on it's own here. I've been teaming it up with my Autograph lip liner in the shade Rosewood for more of an effect.

The lip liner with this beautiful lipstick helps plump up the lips and enhance the brown giving you the Rachel from Friends lip shade that has been making a comeback. It is a nice less in your face way to add a bit of colour to your lips in a more subtle way than a traditional dark bold lip would.

It is great for this time of year as it is suitable for all work (and school) conditions. I've been wearing this on days I decided to give my lips a break the deep reds and purples I love wearing.

What do you guys think? is this a shade you would wear? Do you have a go to brown shade?  

Lots of love
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