Wednesday Ramblings | Hair Care Tips for hijab wearers

So by now you all know I wear a headscarf (or a hijab as it is called in Arabic) I have done so since I was around 11 years old. During that time I have learnt a few things about looking after my hair as it still needs tender loving care, something that can often be forgotten, so I thought I would share with you some of my tips for looking after your hair if you wear a headscarf.

Don't wear a headscarf on damp hair
Have a shower and wash your hair in the morning? putting your scarf on while your hair is still damp may seem like a good idea at the time but trust me it is not. I made that mistake once and never again. It makes your hair flat and greasy which is not what you want. Ideally, you should let it dry naturally, but if you're stuck for time use a heat protector and dry your hair with a hair dryer. (put all your hair over your head and dry it that way for added volume)

Let your hair be free
Now girls, headscarves are not meant to be worn 24/7 and we don't wear them 24/7 so during those time when you are not wearing one (when your relaxing at home with your parents and siblings or home for the evening just chilling) try and keep your hair out or at least in a plait if it is long enough. This will let your hair breathe and stop the strands form becoming tight and falling out which tends to happen when you have a pony tail or a tight bun as most of us do.

Use hair oil or mask 
Your hair will most likely be a bit on the dry side so make sure you take care of it and apply some form of hair oil or mask before and after a shower. Blogging opened my eyes to the uses and benefits of hair oils and masks and I have not looked back since.

The rest of my tips for looking after your hair can be seen in my hair care routine where I take you through the hair products I use as well tips general tips everyone can use to look after their hair.

I hope this helped some of you and you found this useful. Let me know if you have any tips and share in the comments below for others read too.

Lots of love
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