Wednesday Ramblings | The Berry Edit

So if you know me, you will know I love the shade berry. Be it a lipstick or a dress I am obsessed with the colour. Especially at this time of year, once it catches my eye that is pretty much it. 

With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the berry toned things I have been obsessed with lately. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in shade 30 | Buy Here
The Kate Moss lipstick collection is one of the best on the high street and they recently bought out a couple of new shades. One of them is the shade 30 which is a nice purple berry shade. It reminds me a little of MACs Rebel which is perfect for this time of year. The formulation is great, long lasting and gives a statin finish look on the lips. I always find a berry lipstick is a great way to glam up a look this does that beautifully.

Max Factor Blush in Soft Murauno | Buy Here 
An old favourite and much talked about on the blog. Over the summer unconsciously I was using pink blushes, which there is nothing wrong with and loved but this time of year to give my skin back it's life (Cold weather can make your skin look dull) and I have gone back to using my favourite cream blush and this shade is a nice red shade which brings me back to life. 

Sleek Vintage Romance Palette | Buy Here
This was actually limited edition so I am really sorry if you cannot get your hands on this anymore but this palette is full of the most beautiful pink, purple and gold shades which work well with berry clothes.

Yankee Candle Black Cherry | Buy Here 
I never thought of myself as a candle person until Yankee Candles entered my life. Black Cherry is this lovely Cherry shade which has the most yummiest, fruity and warm scent. It is my favourite so far. 

Primark Dress
So this isn't completely berry but this has a berry colour intwined in it and I usually wear it with a berry/ cherry coloured scarf giving you a nice berry outfit all together. I have had this for a over a year and find it fits just right. It is a skater dress so it pops out on the waist giving me a bit more of a figure which I like) 

Berry Scarf | Similar here 
There isn't much to say about this except I really do enjoy this. It is easy to wear and tie up and the material means that it stays on well. It is one of my favourites to wear.

What is your favourite colour at the moment? 

Lots of love
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