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I have always been a happy person, someone who smiles and generally positive. Recently though I have been struggling a little that. I  have been feeling all over the place. It has been bothering me so I am trying to do these things to help change that.

So now that super long introduction is out of the way here are my ways of staying happy.

Going with the flow
I am a little bit of a control freak. I like to know what I am doing for the day and where I am heading. When I don't my anxiety gets worse and I panic far too much. To get this sorted, I need to remember that now I am out of education and away from the safety net of knowing what to expect life will be throwing me a lot more curveballs and that is ok. It is meant to do that.

Having you time
I never saw this as too important before and even now this seems slightly selfish to me but I understand its significance. I often feel like I have no time for myself but it is important to take time for yourself. If that means you stay up a bit later so you can relax and watch that TV show and unwind than do that. I have recently started laying in my bed next to a Yankee Candle and just loosing myself in some Youtube videos (typical) or a good old book. I ignore my phone and try and not think about anything that makes me over think during this time.

I know I know your mother has told you this hasn't she? Well, guess what, I am going to tell you this now when I have a decent good sleep I feel a lot better so I am working on getting the best quality sleep as possible. I am not saying to get 8 hours of sleep (I rarely get that so telling you too would be daft) but I am talking about the quality of sleep. Don't go to sleep dreading to wake up the next day for work, try and not to go to sleep over thinking things. The way I see it, if you can't change it at that moment in time then try your best to let it leave your head so you can sleep and have a clear head to tackle the next day.

Spending time with friends
As we grow older, we don't get to spend as much time with our friends as we would like. We go from being able to see them quite regularly while either at university or college to maybe once a month if that. I am making a more conscious effort to spend time with people who make me happy who I can laugh and be goofy with which include my close friends. I feel a lot more light hearted when I do this and generally perks my mood up.

Those are some of the ways in which I am trying to stay happy. Hope you like it and please do let me know if you have any tips or tricks in staying happy. 

Lots of love
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