Top Tip Friday | The night before

Saturday is the Muslim celebration Eid and I usually tell you all about the make up I am wearing but today, I thought I would tell you the things I generally do the night before to prepare for it. I don't have a big routine as we don't do anything over the top but I like to feel my best and these small things allow me to do and feel like that.

Face Mask
If I have a time I would love a good hydrating face mask. It means that I won't make up with my skin feeling dry and looking dull. I usually go to bed after applying the Origins overnight intensive mask. I also have these Hydraluron face mask which you are sheet mask full of Hylaronic Acid. Both of these will give my skin a big lift and boost of moisture which will brighten it up for the following day.

Eye Patches
This is along the lines of the same thing. I can get the most driest under eyes you can imagine and sometimes I like them a little more of a boost that some eye creams can so I have been using the Skyn Hydra Cool eye patch gels. They are cool gel patches you place under your eyes for added moisture for just 10 minutes. I love how cooling this feels on my skin and how plump my skin looks afterwards. It firms your under eyes which makes your concealer apply easier and work a lot better for you.

I've actually talked about my hair removal trauma's on the blog before but I do the necessary things such as my eye brows and upper lips. I don't go too red so I am able to do this the night before because when I wake up my skin looks normal but bare in mind if you have sensitive skin you may want to do this a couple of days before the event you have to be on the safe side.

Other things you can do

If you have dry, flaky skin then it would be a good idea to do some gentle exfoliating the night before. If you have sensitive skin or if you're prone to a bit of a breakout do this at the beginning of the event or make sure you use something that will give you a gentle exfoliation. Origins and Clarins do great gentle ones. The aim is to make sure that you get rid of the dry skin as oppose to just masking over it. Do this and your face and make up will love you for it. Your face will feel better and your make up will last longer and be better for it.

I mentioned Eid but you can pretty much use this on a weekend pamper or before any big event. Whatever the occasion I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Lots of love
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