Review | Sanctuary Spa 7 day moisture miracle oil balm

I will admit I have not tried much from Sanctuary Spa but when I saw the 7 day moisture miracle oil balm I was intrigued.

The 7 day moisture miracle balm is an all purpose balm enriched with 7 essential oils to help nourish any dry areas of your body. Think along the lines  of the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream but with a mote pleasant scent.

It is infused with Shea Butter, Corn oil, beeswax and Jojoba oil all of which I love to see in a skincare body product. They bring comfort and moisture to your body when it craves it the most.

I have been using this balm as an over night hand treatment and most recently also on my elbows and knees after my shower. I found it work well in both instances as it keeps my hands form drying out when I am sleeping and gives my hands the nourishment and protection it needs during the winter time. As for the elbows and knees, I haven't seen any long term benefits of this yet but I have only recently added this step in to my after bath routine so I will keep you updated on that.

The texture balm like but sinks in to your skin as a lotion easily. It does need time absorb in your skin hence why I use it just before I go to sleep. It isn't something you can apply to your hands and then to and type up some homework. Body wise though, it doesn't disrupt you putting your clothes on and going about the rest of your day. (can I get an amen on that one)

Another personal added benefit of using this just before bed is the smell. It is absolutely divine. It smells and rich and luxurious as it feels and it sends a feeling of calm allowing me a goodnight sleep.

The Sanctuary Spa 7 day moisture miracle oil balm is a great added extra to your night time or Sunday pamper routine if you need to tackle those dry areas!

You can find it at all your local Boots for just £7:50 and they are currently on a 3 for 2 offer so worth grabbing while it is hot!

Have you tried Sanctuary Spa? Which product should I try from the brand next? 

Lots of love
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