Wednesday Ramblings | Skincare 101 - Tips and Trick (Part 2)

So last week, I mentioned all about my skincare essentials as part of my two parts skincare series. You can read it here but today I am going to share tips and tricks to looking after your skin.

Eat good Skin Food
For healthy glowing skin it is important to think about what  you put in your body so eating fruits like berries and veggies such as broccoli help your skin looking it's brightest. Yes I would probably say sugar is the worst thing for your skin but you don't have to cut it out completely. I like Dark Chocolate as it is full of anti oxidants to help boost your skin.

Drink Water
The thing your mother has told to do since you were able to walk. There was a reason and she was right. It helps clear your skin and pores and the over all condition of your skin. I use to drink water all the time growing up compared to fizzy drink. Now my diet includes cups of tea but I still drink plenty of water.

Change your pillow sheets!
This can often be over looked when looking to clear your skin especially if you have acne or prone to breakouts. Bacteria from your face goes on to your pillows even after you wash your face. it sounds disgusting when you actually think about it but I would say changing your pillow cases up frequently is a good place to see a difference in your skin.

Beauty Sleep
There is a reason it is called beauty sleep. When I spend a few days with very little sleep my skin can feel it. I am not going to say to get 8 hours of sleep because I don't do that myself. I will say make sure you get the regular consistent hours of sleep your body needs to function and thrive well. Personally my body can do 6 any less and I don't just don't feel myself.

A lot of these things we get told to do regularly but I find I need to remind myself from time to time so I thought I would share them with you too. Do you all have any skincare tips? if you do let me know I would love to hear them! 

Lots of love
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