Wednesday Ramblings | The forgotten details

Let us face it ladies, there are some things which we just do not always make the time for in our make up routine when we are rushing around. They get overlooked because well, they are extra step in our usually already hectic mornings. Saying that, they are things, that when I make the time for them I notice a huge difference.

What are they I hear you say? just get on with and tell us about them? ok ok, here they are.

The inner corner highlight
This is a skill I found through watching countless make up tutorials on YouTube. It is basically where you take a light shimmery or matte shade and put in the inner corner of your eyes only. I actually use my highlighter the Mary Lou Manizer to do this but my other favourites to use are Half Baked by Urban Decay and Kitten by Stila. The finish? you open your eyes which in turn make you look more awake and alert. Who doesn't want that when you walk in to work on  a Wednesday morning.

Lip Liner
To be completely honest I actually do this quite a lot as I love rocking a bold lip most days and like a long lasting finish. This allows you to make your lips look more pronounced (especially if you have small lips like me) as well as enhancing the colour of your lipstick. I use it for both reasons. It means when I have my morning cuppa I don't have to worry about having to reapply my lipstick so quickly.

Both of these two things only take a couple of minutes extra in my routine and in my opinion are a couple of minutes extra worth spending. 

Lots of love
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