Top Tip Friday | How to Stay Organised

If there is something I am proud of and feel like I know about, it is staying organised. Now being organised is not something that came natural to me. It is something I had to learn in order to be able to do things in my life that were important to me. I used these tips and tricks to help me get  through my A - Levels while doing volunteering. Five or so years later I still use the same tips to get myself organised in terms of my blog, my youtube channels while juggling full time work and general life things.

So enough jibber jabber, here are some tips to help you become that little bit more organised.

Wake up Early
I can see all of you rolling your eyes right now but this is something that helps me immensely. I would wake up at 6am to fit some revision on the days I had volunteering in the evenings. These days I wake up early so I can blog, film or edit in peace while the others in my family home are still asleep. Sometimes, I just use it to have some me time and catch up on YouTube, either way waking up early allows you to have a kick start to your day and fit in everything you want to do.

Keep a diary
I go in to detail on this in my video but I have two. A small one I keep in my bag to keep my appointments in and a bigger one where I Schedule things in. I find this to be a great way to make sure I get to do things that I need done throughout the day as well as making sure I can make time to fit in things a coffee with friends or catching up with YouTube videos.

Making Lists 
Something you may not know about me is that I can be quite forgetful so I like keeping lists. These can be anything from to do lists, shopping lists for my lunch break. I keep a notebook on me at all times so I can jot down any ideas I have. It is really handy and means I can stay on top of things.

Breaking big tasks down 
Sometimes when we think of a big task, it can appear quite daunting. What I like to do is to break it down in to small manageable tasks so if I have a 3000 essay instead of thinking that is a lot. I will break it down so two days to do the research and then aim to do about 500-1000 words a day (the worked limit can change depending on what I am doing that week) It means that you don't end up leaving things to the last minute and helps you avoid the impending doom of all nighters.

Setting goals
I haven't been doing this recently so I need to reinstate it back in to my life but setting goals can help you stay motivated and help you stay on track. You can set daily goals, then weekly and monthly goals. I use to try and write them up all fancy but I have decided that as much as I would love to do that I know it doesn't always work so I just keep a regular notebook and write them down. I will actually start doing this again and let you know how I get on.

I work better when I set deadlines to things. If I know things can be left, chances are they could be left with for a while.

My video (which will be up this weekend) goes in to more detail on each point so make sure you give it a watch and stay tuned for more videos on my second channel. I already have a couple of videos on there, one on bullying and the other one all about starting university.

Thank you for watching and reading and good luck with getting organised! 

Lots of love
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