Top Tip Friday | Being Productive

So the last time I did a Top Tips post, I did was all about organisation so I thought I would go that one step further and share with you some of the tips and tricks I use to stay productive and get things done.

Just Start
Sometimes I find you just need to start to get the ball rolling. If you feel like you have a lot to do but don't want to do it or just haven't gotten yourself to get going I find just starting the thing you need to do (like cleaning your room or doing your homework) Helps a lot.

Have a designated work space. 
This is more to do with working at home and something I do when it comes to blogging. I found that I was less productive when working on the sofa or with the heater on. I decided I needed a new desk and wanted a semi office space and ever since I invested in that it has made a big difference. I can sit at the desk comfortably and do my work in peace and properly (it is also better for your back I find) Of course there are times when I still work from the sofa or bed but I try not to as much as I can.

Get up earlier 
If you like there is not enough time in the day something you can do is wake up early. I started doing this when I was at college and had to fit in quite a lot like revision, assignments and volunteering. I found waking up up at 6 instead of 7 allowed me an extra hour or so of revision. Now, I do the same so I can fit in all my blog posts but I have this very useful.

Take Breaks 
Sometimes your brain needs a quick 10 minute break. Not a long hour one (save that for lunch) A quick 10 minute one to grab a drink or a snack will rejuvenate you from a slump and keep you going.

Get on with it attitude 
There will be times when you just don't want to do that thing you need to do. For me that amy be cleaning my room or most likely cleaning my make up brushes but you just have to go and do them because they need to get done. If I know I have to do something I am one of those people who will power through and get it done. It stops me from feeling anxious and like I have a million things to do. Trust me it feels that much better once it is done and once you sit down it feels that much better.

And those are just some of the tips I use to help myself stay motivated and keep going. I hope it helps some of you who are wanting to be more motivated. You can use these tips for schools, college or university as well as if you are a bit older like me as I still use them now. Remember it may seem hard but once these steps become part of your life it becomes second nature.

PS - I plan on expanding on this and doing a video on my second channel all about being productive so keep an eye out for that. 

Lots of love
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