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Instagram Pictures: Reviewing the Sleek Matte Me on the blog, One of my all time favourite quotes, 4 generations in one picture!, Another great quote I found and shared (Come and say on Instagram so I can see all your lovely pictures! )

Currently Watching - Daily vlogs! They are back and I am so happy. I am addicted to them compared to actual TV Shows
Currently Reading - Looking for Alaska by John Green (I am nearly finished it!)
Currently Listening too - Old School Songs

Blogs and vlogs of the week - Three photpgraphy tips for bloggers - Beauty life Michelle (Just because I am always looking to up my photography game! | Mike's birthday vlog - Fleur De Force (Cutest vlog!) | #TuesdayChats - Mum talks about Domestic Abuse - PixiWoo (I cannot imagine how difficult this much have been to filmed not just for them but for their entire family. Very strong women and a video I think needed to be made to help others. Well done and thank you!) | Five ways to see your friends more often - Hello Giggles (Something I have been trying to do and may have to try some of these ideas out!

So this week started off with me recovering from many a sleep deprived nights of wedding but this week has been quite family filled too! On Thursday on my uncle turned 50 so we all got together for a get together and to say Happy Birthday. It wasn't for long as it was school day but it was lovely and great seeing everyone.

Then, as my grandparents are still in the country (ekkk) My aunt organised us to have dinner at hers which was filled with incredible food and fun. I am such an old granny though and was in bed by half 11 on a Friday!

This weekend me and dad did our saturday ritual of doing the grocery shopping together and this time my Grandad came along. Many of you won't know this but I rarely get to see my dad and just like chat because we are both so busy so I really enjoy spending this time with him. It is chilled and he is really good at giving advice so I kind of soak it all in.

I need to start planning for blogging during winter. Lighting and things can be a chaotic and I really don't want to have to rely of the small window's of natural to give you some half decent pictures so I have been doing some research and will be making a cheeky purchase soon!

And that is pretty much my week in a nutshell. What have you all been up too!

Lots of love
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