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Favourite blogs/ vlogs of the week:
Unspoken Beauty #TMITalk - Amelia Liana (Much needed, informative and interesting)
Topshop Unique SS15 - Some beautiful pieces
My Palette collection and Storage - Gemsaquillage (oh my some beautiful palettes)
Caroline Hirrons Channel - Just full of amazingness

So my week started out pretty good actually Monday was a good day. I felt like I was on top of everything and just content. Then on Tuesday I received some bad news, there was a death in the family. It isn't really something I want to talk about as it isn't really my story or my news to share on the blog but I will say it was a shock and the next few days was just spent making sure people were ok and that kind of thing.

On Thursday, one of my relatives invited us over because she is heading back to Canada right this second actually (by the time you read this she would have landed safely I hope) so it was so nice to see her and my aunts house is just a great place to chill out because the area is so peaceful and far away from the rukus I all the town centre.

I have also been doing some contemplating about the blog and YouTube channel. I am investing in some bits and pieces as well as thinking about the content I want to bring to you guys so let me know what post in particular you would like me to keep and the ones you would like me to get rid off. Do many of you like this weekly round up?  or feel there is no space for it on the blog.

That is this week. It was my mama's birthday so me and my sister took her in to town to pick out sone things she needed and just treat her a little bit. My dad's birthday is coming up to so I am trying to figure out what to get him but I have a couple of weeks to think about that.

Anyway that was my week. How was your week? let me know in the comments below!  

Lots of love
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