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The University Wardrone

Everyone is getting ready to go back to university so I thought I would have a look around my wardrobe and take you through some essentials I wish I had back in the Uni Days.

Dressing for university is all about being comfortable while looking put together, evening if it is in a pair of trakcpants and a Tee so that's kind of what I had in mind when I made my list.

A good pair of jeans
I love these Jeans from Primark. A good pair of jeans can take a while to find but my god they are worth it when you find them. You can pair it with a nice blouse or a simple tee, grab a leather jacket, slip on some trainers and you're good to go.

The Simple Tee
You can transition the grey T that took over during the summer in to winter by pairing it with a simple sweater, layer it with a leather jacket or under a hoody. They only cost a couple of pounds and are completely throw on 9am lecture proof.

The university hoody
An absolute essential. I lived in my university hoody during my three years. Yes they are a bit more than I would like to spend on a hoody (Mine was roughly £25 I think) but I would grab it before heading out to the local shop, wear it around the flat, slug it on for my morning lecture or for trips to the library. I still wear this around the house now so I think it is fair to say this has definitely seen it's worth.

The pumps
I can and do appreciate a good pair of heels but I cannot walk in them to save my life and lets be real when you have a day of lectures, running around town doing errands the last thing I wanted to worry about was having to walk slowly because I was scared I was going to fall down the street. (ain't nobody got time for that) My favourite type of flats are a cute pair of black loafers as they look great with both legging and jeans or something similar to these pair from TopShop.

That is pretty much it. All of these things were a permanent part of my three years of university and are things I carried on to my post university life.

If you are starting university soon, good luck, have fun and best wishes for the exciting year ahead. 

Lots of love
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