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H&M WishList

When I go shopping I have to admit until recently one shop I would overlook for the most part would be H&M. I am not sure why but have no fear that has now changed. If you watch this weekend's video (up tomorrow) you will see a couple of things I bought from there. I also since made an order. 

They have some beautiful things in at the moment so I thought I would browse the website and show you some of my favourites from the site. 

You Can Sit with us Tee | Buy Here
I love this saying. I am not a huge fan of the original saying just because it is a bit mean aha so I really like this version and would look great with jeans and a pair of pumps in the winter.

Teal Skirt | Buy Here
The T-Shirt would also look pretty nice in warm weather with this midi skirt and some cool pumps. I am beginning to really enjoy midi skirt. They are the perfect length for short ladies like me. They come to just above your ankles so modest enough and not long enough that I have to watch how fast I walk which can be a pain. I have recently wanted to get in to colour and one of my favourites is teal so this is a fabulous skirt. 

Leather Trainers | Buy Here
My sister saw these when we were shopping and I have fallen in love with them. Our sizes were not in store so we didn't purchase them. They are slightly on the expensive side for me but I do think I would get quite a lot of wear out of them.

Grey Jeans | Buy Here
 These are on my list because I need a pair of grey jeans. I have fallen in love with the shade Grey and I feel like it is about time I invested in a pair so H&M was the first place I decided to shop at. 

Small Shoulder Bag | Buy Here 
H&M do some really nice bags all sizes. I never noticed before but I have a bag obsession so this will be one of the first places I plan to go too when I need/want  new bag. I am always getting in trouble from my mum for carrying my big bag even when we just going out for a couple of hours so I found this and it is only £7:99 yet it looks much more expensive. 

Flower Bangle | Buy Here
H&M also do some incredible pieces of jewellery. When I was in the store itself I didn't get a chance to have a proper look around. We were pushed for time because we needed to get back so when I came home I decided to look online. I use to be one of those girls who would bling herself out in jewellery. Now a days I tend to sway more simple long lasting pieces like this. 

so over all if you haven't checked out H&M in a while I would definitely take a look. I have a feeling I will be going there a bit more often.

Lots of love
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