New video | Budgeting Tips

Hey everyone! welcome to this weekend's video. I thought I would do something different for this channel and give you all some tips and tricks on living on a budget. These are things I do myself so I know they work and hopefully will help some of you who are students or just want to look after money a bit more. 

If you are struggling with money I can completely understand, I've gone from having a part time job to being a student, to being unemployed so I know how difficult it can be and how frustrating and horrible it can make you feel. 

I hope this helps you feel a bit more at ease and I wish you all the best. If you like this style of video check out my second channel where I have more tips and tricks lifestyle videos. 

Thank you all for watching please don't forget to subscribe and I shall see you on my youtube channel same time next weekend! 

Lots of love
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