Make Up Monday | What's on my face Fall edition

Anyone else excited for fall? (or Autumn if you're in the UK) I am I love the colder months especially winter. There is just something really exciting and cute about it. Anyway I digress, beauty wise this means darker lips and gives you a chance to try out some more looks. So I thought I would bring out some of my old favourites and show you a look you will probably see me wearing quite a lot this autumnal season.

My skin can be quite dry so I prep my skin with moisturiser today (I also use a primer on non lazy days) The one I am using at the moment is the Moisture Jelly from Indeed Labs. I then go on with my favourite base combination of NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser in the shade St Moritz and NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. I've spoken about these before but let's just say I am in love.

I then go in with my bronzer which I definitely need in the winter when my skin is looking dull. My Soap and Glory Solar Power is such a nice natural bronzer for my skintone I really like it. It isn't too muddy or red on my face and just makes my skin look a bit more alive.

Blush wise in winter you can go a bit more deeper if you wish and that is something I like to do. Nothing too drastic, but it is slightly more deeper than I went through in the summer months. I re-discovered my love for the Max Factor Miracle Creamy Touch Blush in the shade Soft Murano. I love these blushes in general that is no secret but this particular shade is fabulous for winter.

For me personally, there isn't a winter eye shadow shade I am more incline to go towards and today I just felt like wearing something pink and wanted something quick so I opened up my creaseless eye shadows and my choice for today is RSVP* from by Benefit Cosmetics. It does set quite quickly but after I did that I decided to tackle these beast we call eye brows. Yes, I need to clean them up I am aware but for now the Anastasia DipBrow pomade is helping to make them look at least acceptable in public.

To finish off my eyes I go to in with my favourites from Essence UK and those are the long lasting eye liner pen* (the waterproof version) and their I love extreme Mascara* both of which I have done reviews for on the blog both last ALL day and cost less that £3!. 

and my favourite part of this look has to be the lipstick. Of course it has to be Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in the shade 107. A winter look just doesn't seem complete it without it.

Lots of love
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