Make Up Monday | The Morning Routine

For today's make up Monday I wanted to do something slightly different. I am a strong believer in starting your day the way you want to carry on. For me that means being productive and getting myself in order. I've worked out quite a morning routine so I thought I would share it with you.

First thing is first I go in to the bathroom and give my face a wash. At the moment I am using the Origins Ginzing Scrub. I find it wakes me up. I then go in with my Eyeslix eye cream and Hydraluron moisturiser. I can be slightly lazy in the morning and the last thing I want is a heavy morning skincare regime so I find this works quite well.

Then I go to pray my morning prayer. This helps me to feel calm and only takes about 5 minutes out of my morning. It is something that makes my morning complete. I would honestly be a bit lost and sad without this step.

Now my tummy in rumbling and begging me for some food so I sit down and have some breakfast. In the winter months I may opt for porridge but I'll be honest and say most mornings I will have a nice warm cup of tea, two crumpets usually with honey or jam. Not the most healthiest thing to eat in the world but I really do enjoy it. While I am eating breakfast I catch up on YouTube videos (big surprise I am highly addicted) and I like to call this 'me time' The rest of the house is still asleep so it leaves me alone with my thoughts.

It is finally blogging time and when I get productive. I usually plan out some blog posts or write out the week blog posts that I still have yet to do. These are usually the Wednesday Rambling or Top Tip friday posts. I also write a to do list for people I need to email, call or a list of things I need to get during my lunch break.

So by now it is 7am and I publish my blog post for the day. I make sure the pictures look good and I have everything done so you guys can all read it. I tweet about it to let you all know it is live and post about it on my Facebook group. (FYI, it is here if you haven't seen it yet)

Time to gear up for work, I choose whatever I plan to wear. I have to be smart casual so it usually involves a blazer. Today I opted for my black skirt, grey top that I show you in this weekend's video and my favourite black skirt and jumper.

This gives about 10 mins to put my face on. I have my quick make up routine down to a tee and I actually opted for this make up Monday look. I genuinely wear the looks I post and alternate all of them depending on how I am feeling on the day. I love taking the time to do my make up. Today I was feeling the Eyeko skinny liquid liner in Navy and my Naked Three Palette. I wore this look a lot last week and really liked it for work.

So it is 8:00 am and by now you're all probably wondering when the hell I am getting out to go to work. After I am ready I go get my lunch and pack it up. It is usually a sandwich and I take a tub of fruit to snack on during the day.

Finally I stick my headphones in and head out of the door. I walk to work as it is how I get most of my alone thinking done. At the moment I love walking to work listening to Charity Vance's EP as I love the upbeat songs on the album to get me going. I also have a walking playlist I sometimes play which includes a lot of Carrie Underwood, Rizzlekicks and Disney Songs (sorry not sorry)

And that is my moring. Let me know if you liked this kind of post and I will do an evening version of it.

Lots of love
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