Wednesday Ramblings | Vermilion Restaurant Manchester

Last weekend, I took the night off way from my laptop (yes yes I know but it does happen occasionally) and went for a meal to celebrate my cousin getting married at the end of August. It was at the Vermilion Restaurant in Manchester, a place I had never been before and was very excited to try it.

Vermilion is a Thai and Indian fused restaurant with traditional dishes from both cuisines on the menu. When you first arrive, you get the sense that you are entering a special atmosphere as you are welcomed by a red entrance carpet as well as warm and friendly staff.

The food came on time and was on point. We did have a set Asian Fusion menu that is catered for groups more of 8. As it was a hen meal there was a little bit for everyone's palette. My personal favourites from the selection had to be the Thai inspired spring rolls, there was something really sweet and light about it whilst packing a lot of flavour. In terms of the main meal my favourite has to be Aloo Gobi which is a traditional indian restaurant. I would have liked to have tried a more thai mains but this was one the one I loved the most. Again it wasn't heavy on the stomach the way most currys can be and packed lots of flavour.

Over all the food was yummy but what made my time at Vermilion an experience that I will remember for a while will be the drinks and The lounge area of the restaurant. I had a strawberry Kiss Mocktail which is a standard mocktail that you can find at many places, however this one had a right mix of soda to go with the fruitiness. I usually find there is more soda or more fruit rather than a big mixture.

One of the things about going to eat with friends and family is that you go, eat and your evening is bam done. You go home and in most cases within an couple of hours of eating. Usually I like this and don't mind but if I haven't seen my best friends in a while sometimes it is nice to just catch up with my friends and Vermilion has an area where you can do just that. Full of multi coloured light bulbs and booths where you can sit and relax it is a great place to take your conversation after the meal is over.

Pricewise, I won't lie, you can tell from looking at the menu that the place isn't cheap but I have eaten at worse places and it is definitely worth the splurge once in a while for a special occasion. It has a great atmosphere that your regular restaurant doesn't.

If I ever get the chance to go again, I would probably try more of the Thai dishes (I get delicious fresh  Indian food at home). The Pad Thai Noodles look particularly interesting.

Have you been to Vermilion before? 

Lots of love
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