Wednesday Ramblings | My MAC lipstick collection 2014

You all know I have a obsession with lipstick and after talking and thinking about it for a while I thought I would share with you all my MAC lipstick collection. 

I should say that I know this may seem like a lot but I like collecting these and have been collection them since I started earning my own money. MAC lipsticks are the first lipsticks I ever fell in love with them as my mama wore them when she was younger (and still has a couple). 

So enough jibber jabber, here is the low down on the lipsticks. I go through them in the different finishes. MAC have a whopping nine finishes and I own lipsticks from 4 of the finishes. 

- Glossy Finish
- Pigmented
- Lasts a good few hours
- Comes off when eating and drinking

Shades in this Finish
- Craving
- Brick O La
- Fast Play

- Velvet Matte
- Long lasting
- Perfect to go to a meal
- Great in warm weather as it doesn't melt 

Shades in this finish
- Captive
- Del Rio 

Matte / Retro Matte
- Personal Favourite
- Lasts All Day 
- Slightly Drying (nothing a good lip balm cannot fix) 
- Doesn't run
- Good for all day occasions 

Shades in this finish
- Heroine
- Relentlessly Red
- Flat Out Fabulous

In the video I go through the shades and explain each finish in a bit more detail too. Hope you like the video as I know many of you requested it.

 Let me know what your favourite finish by MAC is. Don't forget to subscribe and I shall see you all on my channel next weekend. 

Lots of love
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