Wednesday Ramblings | The forgotten tool

Cotton buds or Q-Tips (if you're from the US or Canada) are a daily essentials that we tend to underestimate quite frequently. Aside from the obvious uses such as cleaning your ears they play a heavy part in my make up routine. I'm sure there is a ode to them somewhere in. The Bamblings of Naffy archive but I wanted to update you on how I use them right now.

Removing excess Mascara - this Is actually what spurred me on to make this blogpost as I noticed such a difference since doing this. Since using waterproof mascara I found that my regular eye make up takes most of it off bit there appears to be a little that somehow I just don't manage to get rid off. It's usually under my eyes and can darken them a lot that necessity so I dab a bit of the remover on the bud and gently seep it just under my eye. After a few seconds all find all the excess clogged mascaras is no longer there. It's better than using a make up as you are not tugging at your skin. 

Removing eye liner mistakes
This one I learnt from Meg at Lipsofacto as a cat eye noob I often make mistakes in a flick. It's can be really frustrating but to prevent any mess you simply apply some moisturiser to your bud and roll it across your error and voila it disappears without disturbing the rest of your make up. 

Those are the two ways I use citron buds in my routine but it has many other beauty uses (such a cleaning up a manicure) As they are literally cheaper than chips and are well worth keeping stocked up! 

How do you use Q-Tips. 

Lots of love
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