Top Tip Friday | Making your own space

So if you know me, you will know since I have moved back from uni a couple of years ago I have slightly missed having my own space. My room is basically an attic which means during the three years I barely stayed here it was a dumping ground of all the wonderful fabulous things we store in my house.

I recently decided I needed to make my room mine again. A place where I can go and just be me blocking out the real world. Growing up I was never the type of teenager to stay locked up in my room but I have had the same things (including the furniture) since I was 10 so I definitely needed to do something to make it the 2014 and here is what I learnt.

Adding your own flare 
One thing I missed about my room in uni is that I had a complete blank canvas to work with when I arrived every year in September which is not something that I have here which is why it has taken me so long to do it BUT I found doing small things like re arraigning your wardrobe and make up organisation sections. The one thing that I have done, which makes the most difference is adding a new desk in my room. I stupidly got rid of the one I had since I was 10 to create more space in my room. Now that blogging and vlogging takes up at least 90% of my free time I decided I needed to remedy this and with the help of my dad found a really nice second hand one which I am using as I am typing this up right now. Organising it and getting to use it have given my room a new lease so worth looking in too if you wanting somewhere you can call your own.

Doing it yourself
My dad has been great and helped me pick my desk, brought it all the way in to my room but the rest of  the changes I am pleased to say has been totally on me. I sorted out my own make up and wardrobe space as well as my desk. I have this big area of things that do not belong to me but need to my family and need to go in to storage so I managed to to pile them up neatly so I could have my space back and i still have some things to do but doing it yourself is very satisfying and rewarding.

Making little changes.
The changes that I have mentioned seem quite big but they are actually small changes that I did over a good couple of months. I started of with my wardrobe going a clothes cleanse and then moved on to other wonderful things.
Even simply buying new bedding can make a big change in creating your new space. For me personally this is the last step I need to do. I am use to dark duvets as I have always had them but I am not 16 anymore and wanted some lighter bedding. I have seen a couple that have taken my eye but I am not rushing and looking around before I actually make a purchase. I know Argos have a couple I have my eye on but I plan to have this sorted out by the end of the weekend hopefully.

And there you have it. Having your own space is quite important especially if you have a buys life and live with a big family like I do sometimes it is nice to have your own place which you can transform in to your own little world. 

Lots of love
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