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Instagram Pictures: One of my favourite quotes of the week, Mid week selfie, Catch up with the girls, My first Illamasqua lipstick, Weekend Errands, My first Yankee Candle. 

Currently Watching - I finally got around to watching the last episode of Gossip Girl! Emotional times were had I tell you.

Currently Listening too - This is the same as last week really - Chasing the Sun by Hilary Duff.

Currently reading - An old favourite of mine Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman

Blogs and vlogs of the week - Best Friend Beauty - Lily Pebbles (Keisha is so beautiful and I loved watching this) | Emma's five secrets to success - A beautiful Mess (Taking advice from someone who is as successful as Emma makes sense. Must read) | Lip so Facto  (Just everything about this blog is beyond flawless.

Another week has passed and seriously, where has it gone? I feel like time is passing me by at the speed of a hurricane. So many things are happening right now that I am constantly on over drive. It is a blessing, but sometimes, it would be nice to slow down so you can take it the small moments.

This week was chock a block filled with lots of things starting most importantly with using my new desk. After grabbing myself a Yankee Candle and fixing myself some space I was able to start using my room for myself and just hanging out, doing some blogging, planning things here and there and it is been amazing.

I also got stupidly excited because I got my hands on some Method cleaning products that I could keep in my room. (Yes these things really do excite me aha)

My beautiful best friend is back in town for the week so on Thursday a couple of all got together and just hung out. We went to this really desert place called Room Four. I haven't actually been there properly before so it was nice to try it out properly. I also got to see her on Friday after work and just hung out like old times. It was fun and I will definitely miss her when Sunday rolls around.

All the other bits and bobs from the week have just been trying to spend some time with my family, I am trying to spend a bit more time with them so hopefully that is going to happen soon.

It is my baby cousins birthday and sisters are August babies and I excited started ordering presents. My sister is getting a shopping trip from me but my am stupidly excited for the packages to arrive so I can give it to her.

Sleep has been on the agenda this month. I wake up at stupid O'Clock in the morning, and I need to look after myself better. One way in doing that has been getting to sleep on time. I decided to start going upstairs between 10 - 10:30 so I can be asleep before 11 and so far so good. I haven't used sleep cycle in a while though so I have no idea if my quality of sleep has improved or not. Time will tell.

Overall a busy fabulous week that I am forever grateful for. Hope you all had a good one too. Let me know what interesting things you have been doing. 

Lots of love
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