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Instagram Pictures: Missing my girl, Mehndi Selfie, Screen Shot from last Sunday's video. Honey Honey (If you are interested to see more pictures, come say hi on Instagram) 

Currently Watching - I haven't managed to watch anything new this week but I want to start Suits soon!
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Currently Listening to - Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande ft Nikki Minaj (Such a catchy song cannot help but listening to this) and Shake it off by Taylor Swift (Because who can resist a T-Swift song)

Blogs and Vlogs of the week: Friends Cast reunited for Jimmy Kimmel Show - Jimmy Kimmel (Absolutely loved this was so hilarious) | Modern pInk up tutorial - Shaanxo (I love this look and Shaan's Tutorials are some of the only ones I watch so original!) | Taking a little me time can help you refocus - London Beauty Queen (So true and something I need to do more.

This week has been quite a busy one! My cousin got married yesterday. The ceremony was beautiful and she looked absolutely stunning. So some of the week was spent preparing for that. I like weddings especially family weddings as I don't get to see my family all the time so it is a great opportunity to talk about stuff and catch up.

I also got to catch up with two of my friends. Over the past year I suffered from mild anxiety and depression which means that I turned in to myself becoming more of an introvert than I already was and stopped putting in as much effort as I should have in too my friendships. So this week I got a text from my friend Katie who said she was town. I hadn't seen her in two years but it felt like we just carried on from where we left off. it was so good seeing her, She is a beautiful person inside out and so lucky to have her in my life.

Another friend who I saw this week was Joanne, it is really surreal to me that I may not even know her if I didn't decide to go to the college I did. Anyway, I digress, I got to catch up with her over some yummy dessert. We spent 3 hours just talking about life and could have easily talked for longer too. It was nice spending time with friends one on one. Sometimes spending time in large groups can be overwhelming so it is a nice comfortable way to hang out and be yourself with the people you love.

It was also my sisters's birthday, Cannot believe the girl is now 17! it is crazy how times flies. I managed to get her a card on MoonPig which she liked as well as some Thorntons chocolate. She's also coming on a shopping with me soon. I don't get to spoil her often so it will be nice to spend some one on one time with her.

Bank Holiday Monday afternoon was spent taking my Grandad for some lunch. We had a good time talking and even had a small peak at the Food and Drink festival that was going down that weekend (one of the few things I love about my home town)

Over all, it was a great week but now I am tired and plan to next week focusing on blogging and YouTube.

What did you all do this week? Hope whatever you did, it was a good one. 

Lots of love
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