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Instagram Pictures: I actually took very few pictures this week (shocker I know) but here are some that sum up my week. Blooper from this weeks video, Family cookies, yummy junkie Friday, Motto to live by.

Currently Watching: I have been hooked on to Make Up TIA's youtube channel. Classy, fun and yet professional

Currently Reading: Blue Bloods by Melissa De La Cruz - I wasn't quite sure what to think about this book but I am liking it.

Currently Listening too: Charity Vance's Love  Me EP - Uplifting, beautiful songs with great lyrics.

Blogs and Vlogs of the week: Taking 15 - London Beauty Queen (I am a big advocate of looking after your body and sometimes taking time for yourself is needed. | Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection - Gemsmaquillage (I haven't been excited for a collection in a while, how beautiful does Gemma look? need that lip liner in my life) | A few words about blogging - I Covett Thee (Aside from blogging not being my full time job, I can totally relate to this) | My 17 Desk drawers must haves - Cupcakes and Cashmere (I am a bit nosey - aren't we all? plus having acquired a new desk, I was intrigued.)

So this week started out getting back in to the swings of things. I was feeling a bit down on my organisational game so I got back on track and I am pleased to say that I am back and feeling a bit more in control of this crazy thing we like to call life.

The weather's been taking the turn for the worse with rain and cold hitting the UK, which actually makes me excited. I love winter. It is my absolute favourite season, I love the drinks, the clothes, the beauty trends, the feels and everything in between. I was so glad I was able to raid my sweaters and open up my winter closet again.

I filmed another video for my second channel this week. It was actually my third attempt at filming it because I didn't like the recording I did last weekend. It is all about making the most of university which is something I am actually deeply passionate about for reasons I will talking about on the channel in upcoming videos. I have some more ideas of videos to film on this channel so keep your eyes peeled and don't forget to subscribe.

The Bolton food and drink festival hit town today, it is something I have looked forward too for the longest time. It is full of wonderful smells, energised people and all around good vibes. I went on my lunch break on Friday and I am going back to hopefully take some pictures to do the festival justice and show everyone how wonderful it is.

Friday evening was dubbed 'Family evening' I got to spend time all 13 of my first cousins, just hanging around watching TV, eating takeway's, cookies and crepes. It was nice spending time with them but it proved how much of a granny I am because after being up form the early hours by the time 10pm hit I was beat and wanted to go to bed.

How was your week? did you guys do anything special?

Lots of love
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