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Instagram Pictures - New Lipstick love, Quote of the week, selfie time, new DVD love <3

Currently Watching - I recently caught up on the final ep of Gossip Girl and the Made In Chelsea New York officially started last week. Anyone else really intrigued about what Alex did to Jamie?

Currently Listening to - Nothing new actually sorry kind of boring.

Currently Reading - Blue Bloods by Mellisa De La Cruz

Blogs and Vlogs of the week - Summer Frittata - A Beautiful Mess (Who doesn't love a good Frittata) | How to relax: The busy bee girls guide to switching off - Vivianna Does Make Up (Something I need to do myself!) | Make organisation Tour - The Beauty Crush (Who doesn't love these kind of videos!)

Happy Sunday Friends! Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend. I had a few highlights from this week including spending some time with the family. I got to buy my sister her first big make up purchase which made me happy as well as spending some time with my grandparents.

I had some blood test this week, which didn't go as well as I would liked so I am trying to rectify that which is proving to be quite challenging! but I will get there.

Other than that unfortunately my life has been pretty boring this week. My best friend moved back home so I am missing her like crazy and I have just been gearing up for my sisters birthday. My cousin's birthday is actually tomorrow so I bought some final pieces for her presents and will be going to give it to her so she can open it as soon as it hits 12 (or when she wakes up if she wants too).

My organisation game has been a bit low this week so I am trying to fix that up. It is a work in progress but I will get there.

Between that and finding time to blog and vlog, this week has been a uneventful really.

Hope you all have a incredible week and send me a tweet, letting me know what you did this week. 

Lots of love
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