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5 blogs and vlogs of the week - The Happiness Project - Tattooed Tea Lady ( Such a great idea) | Cleansing balms and news updates - Lisa Eldridge (Because it is Lisa Eldridge after all) | Dealing with depression one year later - Lauren Elizabeth (Knowing what depression can do to a person it is nice to see how people come through to the other side) | What would Jenn wear - Clothes Encounters (Such a fabulous idea and Jenn is amazing!) | Prose before bros - Best books to do with female friendship - Hello Giggles (I like the idea of women empowering, guiding and helping each other)

This week was fun and slightly different. We are still doing our house up so we have been busy with finalising some of the points for the that and I am in the midst of creating my room as I want my owm space back and finally getting there slowly but surely.

We've had a family blessed week which I am thankful for. It was Islamic celebration of Eid which is always filled with nice clothes, wonderful food and ample amounts of family time. Later on in the week, I went to go see the new Planet of the Apes film with my dad, sister and cousins, which was an incredible film. The effects, the storyline, the acting was all on point. if you haven't seen it yet you really should.

To top it all off, on Friday my Grandfather came from Canada. I haven't seen him in years so it was an emotional day for me. I am glad he is here, he makes me smile and is my favourite person.

What have you guys been up to this week? Anything exciting? 

Lots of love
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