Style Saturday | The one where I add colour

There is something you should know about me, 99% of my wardrobe is black. It just seems to go with everything and for a very long time I only ever wore black headscarves on a daily basis. Colour was something I reserved for special occasions.

As my style evolution (if you can call it that) has included adding a bit of colour. An easy no fuss way I found I could do this was through investing in some coloured headscarves. I am a bit fussy and it is still not exciting as they are all quite similar. (I can be a bit of a creature of habit.)

Colour itself is exciting and liberating. If this is something you are considering definitely go for it. It is liberating and makes me looks older than 12 (a definite bonus) it also makes your outfit look a lot more put together than it actually was. I usually just find the colour and lob it on but a colour implies you thought in advance about your outfit which people like.

After a few months of getting use to this I looked in too a couple of patterned headscarves and while I like them, they are a lot more harder to invest in. I have to ensure I have an outfit to go with it. I usually find a plain blouse or dress seem to go well with these as opposed to

Here are some of the shades of coloured headscarves I plan to wear while we transition in to winter and probably throughout winter too.

What do you think? Do coloured headscarves make a difference? Send me a tweet and let me know. 

Lots of love
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