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Back to School bags

So now that September is fast approaching a lot of you will thinking about going back to school, college, university or work. In particular, what bag you would be using for the majority of the year. 

For me personally, I like to find one bag that would suit at least 90% of my outfits and can fit everything in. I like carrying a Mary Poppins kind of bag, full of things that I need and the odd few things that I could probably do without but cannot leave the house without. With this in mind, I look for something that is sturdy, good quality, not too pricey and something that is durable for the British weather we are all so fond off. So with that in mind, here are some of my top picks for schools bags. 

Zara Rucksack Bag | Buy Here
This would be for a day I didn't have too many notebooks or folders to carry. It is big enough to find enough in for a light day at college or university as well as giving you room for any extras you may want to put in like your phone charger or a chocolate.

Zara Shopper Bag with Cutouts and Compartments | Buy Here
I really like this because the pattern gives it a chic fashion feel without trying too hard. It isn't plain but it isn't full on either. When I was looking at this online, it reminded me a lot of the Zara City Bag which I love (and get complimented on whenever I wear it). I am actually considering investing in this for work. It is one of those bags that can finish a casual outfit as well as put together a sophisticated one. 

Topshop Slouchy Holdall Bag | Buy Here
I was walking past Topshop in the Trafford Centre when my eye caught this. I walked in to take a look a closer look and fell in love. This reminds me of the bags I would wear in my college days and would happily buy this for the weekend casual days out. It also comes in all black which is probably better for everyday usage but I wanted to show you colour variety. 

Topshop Tar Holdall Bag | Buy Here 
Why have only discovered the Holdall range in Topshop now?! Please tell me I have not been living under a rock and it is new. Anyway, I like this as I usually wear neutral shades this would help in terms of breaking down the colour and adding a bit of a zing to an outfit. It is also quite spacious by the look of it which as I said before is something I look in too. 

So those are my top picks for school bags depending on what you are looking for. They are relatively on the inexpensive size as the aim is for them to last all year long. Zara is probably my favourite place to shop for affordable long lasting bags. If you do want something that is a bit more budget friendly, H&M do usually have some good bags just check they are durable before you buy them. 

I hope this helped those of you who are looking to get a new bag to start your new academic year. Good Luck and all the best.

Lots of love
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