Review | Max Factor False lash effect Mascara

The Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara was on my list of Mascara to try for the longest time. They have a few variations of the range so I decided to op for the waterproof, which I don't usually do but wanted to try something new.

It promises to plump, volumise, lengthen and dramatise your lashes. Personally, I think this masacara ticks all of those things except creating lots of drama but that is just my preference.

I found it to be a great daily wear mascara as I wear this to work and it lasts all day from half 7 in the morning till half 7 in the evening. It is natural looking while giving your lashes that oomp to widen up your eyes.

Formula wise, they only do this in black which I really enjoyed. I find it hard placing the formula in a camp as it isn't dry and it isn't completely wet. It is in the middle which I can live with. If you don't like clumps and not a huge fan of wet mascaras this is definitely a good alternative.

My favourite part of this Mascara is the brush. The bristles are small yet effective at going in to the roots of your lashes which I find really useful as I have small eyes.

As it is a waterproof formula it can be tough to take off and I found myself taking a little bit more extra time and care at ensuring it all came off. It didn't put me off wearing the mascara as it wear it most weeks.

It is currently on three for two in boots and I would recommend checking out their Max Factor Face Finity and their Miracle Creamy Touch Blush to go along with it if you are interested in trying it out. 

Lots of love
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