Review | Essence eye sorbet

You all know I love me some cream eye shadow. They are my favourite formulations so when I came across the Essence Eye Sorbet* I was intrigued.

I have the shade 01, which is a nice pearly champagne shade. The first thing I have to say about this is that if you don't like shimmer, this thing is not for you. The Essence Eye Sorbet is all about the shimmer. It perfect for special occasions like weddings, or birthdays when you want some full on shimmer on your lids.

Longevity wise, I did wear this with the I love stage eye shadow base as well as a matte eye shadow to enhance the colour of the sorbet and it lasted for a few hours.

The texture is light and mousse like which I love and the shimmer is what I am all about so I loved that. i actually also like the packaging as it is doesn't look as cheap as is it and for what you pay you do get a lot of product.

I will say it wasn't chunky or contain any glitter particles, which was something I was worried about before I tried it out.

There is a bit of a difference in terms of the sorbets and other cream shadows. Aside from the texture it is all about the having fun with glitter, which means colour wise it is not as opaque to wear on it's own.

I will say I did enjoy testing this out and will be using it for any parties, weddings or fun occasions I have coming up in the future.

The Eye Sorbet's can be found at Essence stands as well as online on the Wilko's website. For £2:80 they are worth looking in too. They come in an array of shades from greens to purples. 

Lots of love
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