Make Up Monday | The 90's lip revival

To say I am a Kardashian fan would be a bit of a stretch. I've only seen an handful of episodes of their Television Show but there is no denying they are blessed with good looks. Most recently Kylie Jenner's lips have been the talk of the beauty world and when I found this combination (completely by mistake) it instantly reminded me of the 90's Kylie Jenner Style.

Now, nude lips are not my forte. They just seem to wash me out more than I like but a brown lip. That is something I can do which doesn't make me feel so self conscious. It is really simple, easy to wear and very work wear/ daytime appropiate. Perfect for those of you who do not like a bold lip.

I used my lip liner from Autograph as a base. I lined then filled my lips in. This is my absolute favourite lip liner and I need to remember to get more shades of it the next time I can. Anyway I digress. It lightens up the lipstick I am going to use as it is a bit of a chocolate brown shade, which isn't what we are going for.

The lipstick of choice is the shade Del Rio by MAC which is a shade Mama Atcha introduced me too. I remember being a child and her telling me off for wanting to give it a try (ahead of the times maybe?) as it was a bit too old for me. At the time she was right but 23 years laters I gave it another go and it has given me this pretty long lasting lip colour.

Del Rio is a satin finish which means it is a velvet matte shade. This, along with the lasting power of the lipliner means the lip stays the way it is for at least 4 -5 hours. It is soft without being boring and understated which is one of the main reasons I enjoy it.

It was a complete mistake that I stumbled across this but I am really glad I did and will be wearing this lip a lot more often! 

Lots of love
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