Make up Monday - The everyday face

Recently, I've been in a bit of a make up rut, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it got me thinking I haven't just shown you an everyday get ready with me style make up monday post in what feels like forever. So I thought I would rectify that.

I've gone old school, reaching for a oldie but a goodie for my base and that is the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted moisturiser in the shade Medium St Moritz. I have a very old review post about this gem in the archives and have tried other tinted moisturisers since but nothing works or sits quite as well on my skin as this does. It is lightweight, lifts my skin, easy to apply with your fingers well as a brush and contains SPF 30, the coverage on this for something that feels so light is actually on medium side which is why I love it.

The next thing I use is something I still get excited to use everyday and that is the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. Now this is a medium coverage concealer that you can use under your eyes and doesn't crease. I have tried drugstore under eye concealers and absolutely nothing came close to this, nothing. I am going to leave my love for this there right now because I have a new blogpost coming up about it but just know it is very well loved.

Now, it is time to bronze up my face a little. As it is a standard procedure I won't dwell on it too much but I use the Arbonne Bronzer.

I usually change up my blush quite frequently but recently I have heading more and more towards my No7 Pop and Glow cheek stick which I love and adore. I do wish it was slightly more long lasting but it is easy to travel with and reapply with your fingers if you need too. It blends in beautifully and I find works well with my skin giving me that natural no make look I really like.

For the lids, I re discovered my love for the Naked palettes. Not that I fell out of love with them but they kind of took a back seat for a seat for while as I skipped eye shadow for my day to day look. Having made a comeback as a regular occurrence I have been  using the Naked 3 palette to create a nice easy everyday natural daytime eye look.

To finish off the eyes I usually go in with my Essence Eyeliner to create a nice easy thin line. If you are beginner and don't want to splash out on an eye liner I would give this a go. The nib is thin but firm so perfect for those of you like me who don't have a steady hand. I like that I can do right up to the lash line with this without hurting or stinging my eyes.

Time to tackle tose brows now and I first comb through them with The Body Shop's brow and lash brush so the hairs go in the direction I want them too. I then fill them in with the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, which I wrote an ode too here. It is one of my holy grail products and one I featured in this week's video if you want to find out more.

Now I did say I was in a bit of a make up rut but lipsticks are something that I change up regularly. I have to leave my bolder shades for the weekend (purple lips for work? not going to happen sadly) so I usually go for some nice pink hue. My go to when I am bind is the Soap and Glory SuperFabulist lipstick in the shade Pom Pom. It is a nice bold but daytime appropriate pink.

And that is my finished look. It is easy, takes less than 10 minutes to apply and my make up lasts all day. Aside from the lipstick this is also perfect for those of you going back to school because it subtle but effective which is what you want. 

Lots of love
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