Wednesday Ramblings | Morning Skincare Routine

Happy Wednesday everyone. It suddenly occurred to me that I talk a lot about my evening skincare routine but have never really touched upon what I do to clean my face in the morning. In all honesty it is probably because it only two steps, really easy, total lazy girl skincare but I thought I would share it with you as a morning skincare routine aside from using water can be over looked. (Something I am definitely of myself)

My favourite type of cleanser for removing my make up is a cleansing balm, however, in the morning I use a hot cloth or gel cleanser. They wake me up and help me feel a bit more perky at 6am. The one I am using at the moment is one I have talked about before and is from Origins. It is is their Ginzing Gentle cleansing scrub. I love the smell of this and the way it wakes my skin and face up in the morning. It has a citrus scent to us which also helps wake me up.

In the winter, I would usually use a serum but at the moment my skin is ok and I don't like over flowing my face with products unecesserily so right now I go straight to moisturiser and the one I am currently using is the HydraQuench Cream Gel from Clarins which is a dream for dehydrated skin. It absorbs in to the skin quickly too so if you are in a rush it is ok to go straight on to applying your foundation if you need / want too.

I use to neglect cleaning my skin in the morning as I am usually still in a daze first thing in the morning but I have noticed my skin feels and looks more fresh and not look dull at all. If you have dehydrated skin or dry patches on your face it is also a good way to keep it all under control.

Do you have a morning skincare routine? 

Lots of love
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