Wednesday Ramblings | The lip care line up

So the sun is out, you have your SPF sorted, suncreened up and all ready to hit the beach. Sorted right? no not quite. One thing that many of us forget (me included) is to look after your lips and stop them from burning in the heat. You think a regular sun burn is bad? I have herd the pain from burning your lips is worth.

So to help you out as much as I can I decided to do some research on some of the lip balms that are out there that will help you have more fun in the sun. (Cheesy but oh so true line)

Nivea Hydra Care | Buy Here
This surprised me. Back in my teenage years I thought I was cool and bought the original one but I didn't get on with it. It was too slippy and melted everywhere which put me off lip balms for a while. This one on the other hand does the complete opposite. It is still a bit more 'slippy' than I would prefer but it lasts a couple of hours and conditions as well as hydrates your lips quite well. I also love the fact it contains SPF 15 which is really good handy to have in a lip balm especially if you are going on holiday or just in the sun a lot.

Huraw lipbalm in the scent Vanilla Bean* | Buy Here
I had herd a lot about the Hurraaww lip balms so was excited to give this a go. Hurraawww, as the name may suggest is a raw, natural, vegan friendly lip balm that comes in different scents. I have the scent vanilla bean which for all you vanilla lovers out there smells absolutely dreamy. It is a great everyday lip balm that you can carry around in your hand bag. The texture is more balmy as opposed to it being glossy so it is wearable under a matte lipstick or even on top of a matte lipstick. I love discovering new brands and I may have to try a different scent once this one finishes.

Palmers Dark Chocolate lip balm | Buy Here
The least of my favourite from the bunch, which is surprising as I absolutely love Dark Chocolate. I was really excited to try this and although it isn't completely terrible it hasn't seen much use. It does feel soft on your lips and it does apply ok but I found it didn't smell the way I was expecting it too which I could live with but it just didn't excited me unlike the others I tried. If you are on a budget it may be worth looking in too but not a huge fan.

Blistex Daily lip conditioner | Buy Here
The love of my lip life. My go too for deep lip treatments. This is a staple. I have repurchased this plenty of times. It is great to apply over night as it is long lasting and will treat your lips while you sleep. It is also great for daily use. It is my go to when I wear  a matte lipstick. My mum was recently in hospital and had a dry lip situation going on so I bought her this. I love everything about it, the smell, the way it feels on your lips.

So there is the low down on some of the lip balms and treatments I have given a go over the past couple of months. Let me know if I missed any out or if there are any I should be giving a go and don't forget to look after those lips. (OK, I promise to stop with the cheesy lines soon)

Lots of love
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