Wednesday Ramblings | It's a hairy affair

If you have seen my prefect imperfections tag, you will know I am somewhat hairy, especially on my face and arms. Yes, I am a bit of a hairy mary, but you know what, I am completely okay with that because one - you have to work with what mother nature gave you and two, because I have some great products in my arsenal to help keep the hair raising moments to a minimal.

First things first, your lady bits, I don't need to go in to details with this but let me just say the gentler the product, the better. You can usually grab something from the supermarket to help aid this I am using the Nair Argon oil infused hair removal cream. I also use mini scissors to give it a bit of a trim (sorry TMI, I know) I find it gives a more polished finished shall we say?

Now on to the face. If you know me, you know I was blessed with a hairy face, bush man eye brows, great sideburns and a moustache to boot (I am such a catch aren't I?) All I can say about this is, thank god for my sister, threading and wax strips. I use to tackle the 'stache' by threading and still do this occasionally when I go get my eye brows threaded but for those times when I don't like suffering it out or need a quick and easy fix I use the Veet face hair removal cream. It comes with a mini spatula and finishing cream. It is so easy to use and works just as well as threading (and lasts the same amount of time too) I usually apply this in the evening before bed because your skin does go slightly red (but usually goes within half an hour) and I usually watch a mini youtube video or read a magazine while the five minitues go by. It does get a bit tingly but to me that shows it is working and loosing up the hair folicals so the hair comes off your face. You can use the finishing cream afterwards but as my face sometimes feel dry after this I apply my moisturiser or a hydrating mask.

Tackling the sideburns, this is not pretty. This is where my sister comes in. She has a much steady hand than I do especially when it comes to wax strips. I don't think I could trust myself to wax my own body. She uses the mini ones on face it takes about 5 minutes all in all. Yes it is painful, no way of getting around that one but hey if it works.

I already talked about my brows last week here and like I said I don't and have never plucked them (something I am thankful to my mum for) My sister did and she still regrets it (Although I currently have eyebrow envy ) When I get my brows threaded I simply just get rid of strays to help neaten things up. I don't have them shaped I just make sure you can see my natural eyebrow shape. Is it painful? I think it is a comfortable pain. The first few times absolutely killed me I will not lie. I think I am use to it now though and don't mind a couple of minutes of pain to get a fresh face. Again I would do this the day or two before a big event as your eye brows can get a bit red nothing to be alarmed about but just something to bare in mind.

Body hair is well, a hairy subject, but something we as ladies (if you like to be hair free) have to go through.

What are your tips to tackle the hairy business?

Lots of love
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