Top Tip Friday | Finding the right headscarf

Happy Friday! most of you will know by now that I am a practising muslim and a part of that is wearing a headscarf. I've worn a headscarf since I was a teenager but only recently have I decided to experiment with colours, different styles and creating full outfits with them.

Before 2013, I generally stuck to just wearing black headscarf (often the same one or similar) and decided enough was enough. I needed to embrace colour a bit more and take more risks. I am still a bit of creature of habit but more of a varied one.

All of this has lead me to learn quite a bit about headscarfs, what to look out for, what suits me and other so thought I would share some of my tips and tricks with you.

This is something that is very important to me personally when it comes to purchasing a scarf. There are many online sellers of scarfs but I feel most comfortable buying them in store. Part of the reason for that is because I am quite picky when it comes to material. I prefer my headscarves to be soft and on the thin side as I find them easier to mould and style on my head. Others prefer to have thicker material. It is all personal preferences but something to take your time to consider and take in account when looking to purchase a scarf.

This kind of ties in with the the first points but there are many different styles of scarfs out there. There are pashmina's which are quite long, full of out there lovely patterns and quite thick. Then there are those which are slightly thinner, plain and are made from softer fabric. Then there are some out there that have sequins on them. I stay away from the thicker pashmina kind of headscaves as I have a round face and they just do not do anything for me. I also find them quite difficult to style. The rest depends on the occasion. For regular, daily use, I prefer plain thin rectangle scarves as they are fuss free, easy to put on your head when you are in the morning (did I mention I can be a bit lazy) For weddings or a special evening out I may amp it up with some sequins in the mix and use colours such as gold or silver depending on my outfit and the occasion. I prefer subtle changes to make a impact like a chain or small infrequent sequins as it shows you made an effort without being in your face.

Again scarves come in all shapes, sizes and lengths (kind of like people aha) and that is something that I can find to be quite frustrating especially seeing as I am quite small as it is. Scarves that are too long will drown me, if they are too short however, they can be a pain to style the way I want and have to adjust accordingly. The problem with this is in some cases it can be hard to figure out if either scenario will happen because unless they are ridiculously short or longer than you usually prefer (which is easy to spot) until you wear it you may not know how it would fit. My suggestion would be if buying online see if it has measurements or if you are buying in a store maybe take your favourite scarf with you and see if you find anything on the similar lengths.

And there you have, I could probably go on but I do not want to bore you all so I stuck to the main problems. I should also point out that although this is in regards to headscarves, you can use these principles when buying a scarf to go around your neck too. Hope this helped some of you and see you all here tomorrow.

Lots of love
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