Top Friday | What's on my iPhone

So it is no secret that I usually have my phone attached to my arm like some weird extension of my fingers and while this is true I wouldn't say I was obsessed. I mean, I could live without my phone for a couple of hours (maybe) but I do more on it than meets the eye. While to some people I may be texting chances are I am actually reading an article, catching up on some blogs, watching a Youtube or taking a snapchat, basically, doing anything except using using the phone for the sole purpose behind it's invention - Making a phone call.

With this in mind, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite apps. First of all the perfectionist in me has all my apps in little folders so I've done the same here.

So in my news section, I have a few, so I can keep up to date with the goings on in the world but I have two, maybe three favourites.

Buzzfeed is a quirky fun news site with very witty written articles. Some of them are very light hearted (which is why I like it) but others are about more hard hitting topics too. It is a great way to get information out to the younger generation and is it wrong to say I love the quizzes the app has?!

Huffington Post
Another app which is written by articulate people from across the world. The articles are fresh, information, relatable, to the point and overall a really nice app to use.

So it is no surprise but I am a bit of social media addict. I love how it can bring people together but I do have a few that I need on my phone.

Twitter is by far my favourite social media tool. It is so easy to interact with people from across the world. I love talking to my friends, other bloggers and seeing what my favourite YouTubers, Celebrities, World Leaders and people I find inspiring to me. I love some quotes and positivity in the mornings and I can usually find some to give me some faith on twitter.

I don't use Facebook as much as I use too circa 2010 but it is still there and I still catch myself browsing my home feed quite a lot. It is a good way to keep up with friends who don't live in the same town or city as you as well as helping you remember birthdays!

I have been using Instagram for a while now but recently I have fallen in love with the photography app. From looking at some of the arty pictures people I follow post to seeing what someone is eating. (Maybe I am just a bit nosey? ;) )

Before downloading the app, I didn't understand the fascination with it? I was always left wondering why people found it so addicting. Let me tell you now it is full of drool worthy tips, tricks, pictures and inspiration. The app is so easy to use, you can genuinely get lost and spend absolutely hours on it then look up and wonder where on earth the time went.

So these are the apps that I am loving but don't quite a home for at the moment.

Sorted Food
I love the sorted food guys, they are hilarious and Ben cooks some incredible food. I've linked a lot of their videos in food posts before but they recently developed an app which is full of incredible recipes not just by them but other people too. The point is to follow people, interact with them and just swap food ideas. Spot on.

Deliciously Ella
This is one for all of you who love a bit of clean eating. I like to eat clean as much as I can and this app by famous food blogger Deliciously Ella is full of yummy easy to do recipes. As soon as I got the app I knew I was on to something good. You do have to pay for this as they are taken from her book but it is only £2:99 which is well spent in my opinion.

This is a audio book site which is no stranger to bloggers and Youtubers but one that I want to use more. I love a physical copy of the book but when I walking to work or cleaning my room it is nice to listen to a light hearted book once in a while. I downloaded Ellen DeGeneres book on here and it had me in stitches. I think the next one I am going to get will be Tina Fey's book Bossy Pants. I am still deciding whether or not to read that in hard form or not.

So those are some of my favourite apps. Pretty basic but I am quite a boring person and don't really use my phone to play any games ect. Let me know what your favourite apps are and I shall catch you all soon.

Lots of love
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