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Currently Watching - I haven't really been watching a lot of TV this week but I have been getting back in to watching the lovely Saccone Joly's. They are the cutest family and I love ending my day with them.

Currently Reading - I just finished #GirlBoss by Sophia Amoruso. I am about to start another book so will let you know how I am finding that too.

Currently Listening - The Empire Movie Podcast. I need more recommendations but this is great if you like movies and behind the scenes of working on a film. It it full of incredible interviews.

Five vlogs and blogs of the week - Stay Healthy in the sun with Sun Map - Keeping healthy and getting stylish  (I found this really interesting and know this will help lots of people) | Teaching my mum internet slang - Pointless Blog (Mainly just because this is the cutest video I have seen in a while) | Katie Morton's Mental Health Channel (Just some really down to earth easy to understand breakdown of issues surrounding mental health) |  Yes, it is too soon for Gaza Jokes - Refinery92 (Quite interesting) | Travelling Solo a few tips - Nouvelle Daily (I can be a bit of an introvert and wouldn't actually mind travelling alone so I found this article very interesting)

Happy Sunday my loves. I had quite a productive week, which I am thankful for! I filmed my video earlier than usual which has made a huge difference. I usually film on a Saturday morning/ afternoon but this weeks video was filmed on Thursday which meant I could spend a little bit more time editing before uploading the video. It also stopped me from getting anxious as I always feel rushed for time on the weekends.

I also managed to write up some book reviews for the site Judging Covers. I am so glad I have gotten my reading mojo back because I have been missing it quite a lot. As I get anxious quite a lot I have been trying to conquer that by planing my days and also scheduling my me time. This is something that worked quite well when I was in college scheduling time to watch my favourite shows and spending time with friends except now my me time is usually catching up on YouTube, reading blogs and catching up on twitter. I've managed to do that most of the days this week and I have to say it feels pretty good to go to bed all relaxed.

Apart from that I got to spend some time with my beautiful best friend who recently moved away. She was back in town visiting so I was glad to see her and give her a big hug. The weather was absolutely beautiful so we spent time on the park while we aught up on each others lives.

The other exciting news is that I am looking in to getting some new camera equipment and sorting out my room. I now have a desk which I have missed since I came back from uni a couple of years ago. By next week I will be able to have a place in my room where I can blog till my heart is content and keep all the bits and pieces I need to blog. At the moment I just sit on my laptop with my notebooks and things wherever I can in the house (usually my front room) so it will be nice to have my own space.

Before I end this post I just wanted to say, a lot of my friends have graduated this year so if you are one of them (too many to individually mention) but I am super proud of you all and look forward to seeing your stories and lives unfold. It is only the beginning. 

Lots of love
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