Review | La Roche Posay Cicaplast Mains Hand cream

Ok, so it is no secret that I love a good hand cream. It an absolute essential to me. By now, you also know the story, girl doesn't look after hands, girl gets exzema on them, girl panics, girl makes sure it doesn't reappear. Now that we have gotten that out of the way let me tell you about the holy grail hand cream I have been loving.

La Roche Posay is a french skincare brand which you can find in boots as well as on Feel Unique. It is targeted more for those with problem skin and one of the things I have been wanting is the Cicaplast Mains handcream. LRP do a few different hand creams but this one in particular is in a league of it own.

It is aimed at people who suffer with really dry hands and skin conditions such as dermatitis and comes in a balm/ lotion hybrid texture rather than your traditional lotion formulas found in most hand creams.

It absorbs straight in to the skin and you can immidiately go back to working on your laptop or computer at the office when you need too. The one thing I found facinating about this hand cream is how long lasting it is. Usually you feel the need to re apply hand cream every so often to keep them hydrated but this cream makes your hands feel silky smooth for at least a good few hours or until the next time you wash your hands.

Appearance wise it makes my hands looks a look more brighter and healthier as oppose to scaley, wrinkly, red and puffy the way ezxema can do.

It retails for £6.99 on Feel Unique and I can already tell you now that I will definately re stocking on this for the harsh UK winters. 

Lots of love
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