Review | Essence Eyeliner pen

Incase you missed it, I talked about Essence coming to the UK a couple of weeks ago and was very intrigued. The first thing I wanted to try from them were their eye products, in particular their eye liners and Mascaras. They were the first products I herd other mention when they talked about the brand so I was excited to give them a go. 

Now if you know me, you know that I have struggled with eye liner so finding a drugstore eyeliner that I can use is actually quite revolutionary.

The Essence Eyeliner pen* is a jet black eye liner which applies to the lid using a felt tip like nib. I prefer as they are more easier to use for eyeliner noobs like me.

The pigmentation in this is incredible. It is very black liquid which applies smoothly on the eye including my sensitive lids. If you are new to eye liner you may need to take a couple of extra seconds to get a clean line. I have the least steady hand in the world and for the most part I can apply this without a lot of problem.

The nib as I mentioned is that is is very smooth, not scratchy or irritating on the lids the way some eye liner pens can be. It glides very nicely and neatly across your lid allowing you to create a thin line which you can then build on creating a more defined line if you wish.

It is quite long lasting. I wear this from like 8am to 7pm and I can see it on my lids at the end of the day before I take my make up off. It is actually quite hard to get rid off and I find the best way to do is with a eye make up remover as normal but take your time and leave it on your lids for about 10 seconds longer for it all to break down before removing it from your lids.

There is the non waterproof version which is exactly the same as the regular liner except that it is a bit more long lasting and is slightly more difficult to take off your lids. It is perfect for those of you enjoying the warm weather in the UK or heading on holiday somewhere nice.

As I said I have not tried out too many eye liners like but for just £2.99 it is definitely worth trying. 

Lots of love
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