Review | The Bodyshop Raspberry Scrub

If you know me, you will know that I have an absolute obsession with Raspberry Jam so when I herd that The body shop was releasing a body scrub that looked and smelt like Raspberry Jam I was sold. I quickly went online and pressed the buy now button.

The Raspberry Body Scrub is a new limited edition launch for the summer and is unlike your traditional scrubs. It is not grainy but instead infused with Raspberry seed extracts which provides the exfoliation for your body getting rid of any flaky dry skin you may have. It leaves you feeling soft and smooth and smelling summery and fresh.

As with the body shop body butters, I really enjoyed using this. I found it a bit strange at first because of the jam like consistency and blood red colour it can feel a bit odd at but in a good this is fun to use kind of way.

The smell is to die for. The moment I opened it, I wanted to eat it. I love a bit of Raspberry (Did I mention I have a slight obsession?) and because this is made from real raspberry seeds, it is authentic rather than artificial which I why I fell in love with it.

If you have sensitive skin, I feel this could work well for you as it isn't harsh against your skin and is a more gentle scrub compared to some exfoliating scrubs out there. If you are wanting the summery smooth skin this is a good place to start.

It is a great scrub for this time of year because as I mentioned it is nice, fruity and fresh which is what you want in this warm weather we appear to be having.

The limited edition raspberry range, also includes a body butter and an Eu De Perfum, both of which I wish I had gotten and may very well have to venture back out for. 

Lots of love
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