DIY Friday | Making the most out of your summer.

So school/ college and University is almost over the year and you now have a stretched amount of time ahead of you where you can do whatever you would like to do. Looking back, there are times when I wishes I utilised my summer a little bit more or at least did a bit more of what I would like to do and make the time count. So here are some ideas on how you can spend your summer.

I love to travel. I love the idea of planning a trip and driving, taking a journey for a couple of hours and making an adventure. After I graduated I went for a weekend to London with a couple of my friends so we could see the Harry Potter studios and do some shopping and it was one of the loveliest weekends with a couple of my wonderful friends. I had a great time and me and one of my best friends are actually planning to do some more road tripping in the future so if you have ideas on where we should hit up let me know.

Work Experience 
Okay, so hear me out. I know, I know you finished school the last thing you may want to do is think about your future but doing a couple of days a week work experience in the field you want to make a career in over the summer or a solid couple of weeks, month or whatever they are offering is great for two reasons. One, it will help establish if that is the way you want your career to go and two, it will give you an edge over others out there competing for any future jobs you may apply for.

One of the things I struggled / didn't make much time for during my time at university is pleasure reading. I read a lot but it was mostly for my dissertation (which was fun) and essays (not so fun) and if this is you the summer is the perfect time to catch up on some reading. I once read  seven books during the christmas holidays and I have to say I absolutely loved it. If you need any recommendations I am hoping to start a book series on my YouTube channel so keep an eye out. Also check out Books and Quills and Bookables for some fun reads.

Binge Watch a show
Still haven't watched the final episode of Gossip Girl? or watched season 1 of Orange is the new black? Me either until last month. Thanks to Netflix and Sky box set on demand you can catch up on all the shows you missed out on because of school.

Learn how to cook
Cooking is something that only peaked my interest a couple of years ago. Before that I detested working in the kitchen (not very indian of me I know) but now I am very eager to learn how to cook. I've gotten a few dishes down and honestly it is worth looking in too. Your mum will appreciate it and it just makes you feel good. Baking on the other hand (yes there is a difference) is something I still need to master and something fun you can do with your siblings if you wanted too.

Start a blog
Blogging is very time consuming (I am positive my family still wonder why I use up all my time doing it) but I really enjoy it and it has become a big passion of mine. I am not saying it has to be this for you, because it really doesn't but if you were thinking about starting one go for it. You may be surprised to where it can lead you.

The aim of summer is to enjoy that free time you now have on your hands and yes that does mean you can wake up at 12pm in the afternoon every now and then too.

How will you be spending your summer. 

Lots of love
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